Taїga Oud – Impact

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Type: Parfum

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Immerse yourself in the majesty of the taiga with IMPACT. Aromatic, lavender and spicy top notes evoke the freshness of taiga winds, while rose accords add a touch of delicacy. At its heart, cedarwood and incense transport you to the mysterious depths of the forest, and the rich base notes of ambergris, moss and oud envelop you in a warm and enveloping trail.

Top Notes: Floral, Lavender, Aromatic, Rose, Spicy
Middle Notes: Aqueous, Cedarwood, Floral, Saffron, Woody, Incense
Base Notes: Ambery, Ambergis, Sugary, Musk Moss, Sweet Oud

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Taїga Oud – Impact


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