Long Weekend Baccarat Intense

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Type: Parfum

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Discover the essence of relaxation and escape with LONG WEEKEND version INTENSE, a fragrance that captures the spirit of those precious days when time seems to stretch endlessly. Bright top notes of orange and saffron instantly transport you to a world of warmth and lightness. At the heart, marigold and amber offer a warm floral bouquet, evoking sunny afternoons and balmy evenings. Finally, base notes of musk, toasted sugar and oak add a comforting depth, like a sweet and lingering memory of precious moments. LONG WEEKEND INTENSE captures the very essence of relaxation and freedom, an invitation to savor every moment of these unforgettable long weekends.

Top Notes: Orange & Saffron
Middle Notes: Tagette & Amber
Base Notes: Woody Notes & Oakmoss Toasted Sugar, Musk

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Long Weekend Baccarat Intense


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